Fun times.

So laying in bed around 1 this morning I got a message on my phone from this dating website that I am on. It was this guy that lives near me and by near me I mean in the same town. We talked back and forth for about an hour. I had asked him what he likes to do for fun and he said swimming. Well that happens to be one of my favorite things to do. So he messaged me back saying that we should go right now. I thought he was kidding because its like 230 in the morning, but he definitely was not. Luckily for us the pool in my apartment complex is open all night. So I gave him directions and he actually came. So i totally just had a blast swimming until 430 in the morning with a complete stranger. This is not something that I would usually do but I figured why not? Nothing better to do and he doesn’t look like a creeper. Hahaha. Nice to live life on the edge sometimes. Plus i got a new friend 😉


How I feel about Depression.

Depression. In my opinion depression is a term that is way over used. A lot of people always say that they are depressed and that their life sucks but i think that are just drowning their selves in self pity. I have been through some pretty rough things in my life and am currently in a spot that could call for depression yet i am not depressed. Being depressed and not being depressed is all about your attitude and outlook on life. So stop being negative start trying to be positive and get the eff over it.

Making Money

So my main goal has always been to just focus on finishing college. I have never needed extra money for anything and have been pretty content. Lately however, i have been thinking about getting a job. Just so i can have that extra money. So i can go shopping and not feel bad about asking my mom and step dad for money and what i really want to do is by a newer car. Since i am still living at home i think that this would be the best time to do so. Unfortunately i am very picky and will not get a job at a restaurant or at a store. A lot of people say a job is a job but to be if you wake up and do not look forward to going to work you are going to be unhappy and that is not what i want. So what i am thinking about doing is getting my CNA( certified nursing assistant) licence. I know that being a CNA is something that i would enjoy doing and that it would bring in decent money. All i have to do is take the classes and pass the tests and i will be good to go. Wish me luck 🙂

The cold truth

The cold truth is that cold pizza is one of the best things in the world. Well- in my book it is anyways, A lot of people are like “cold pizza? what?’. But for me it is almost better than hot or fresh pizza. The way i see it pizza has 4 phases. All are delicious for me but some prefer one over the other and. Phase one- Hot pizza freshly baked and ready to eat. Phase two- room temperature pizza, you know where you made it and it sat out for a while and you still eat it because it is delicious. Phase three- Cold pizza. Its been in the fridge for a while or overnight and its there and looking delectable. Phase four- its been in the fridge but you heat it up anyways pizza.. you don’t like cold pizza so you “nuke it”.
Phase 3 is my favorite. I don’t know, there is just something about cold pizza that makes it scrum-diddly-umptious! Its like a cold Italy day in my mouth! I know that pizza really isnt good for you but is indeed my favorite food and i always hear people debating over hot and cold pizza. It just screamed blog topic at me.

How it is.

I’m 21 years old. I always thought that at this point in my life, I would be better off than I am now. I imagined that being 21 would be a lot more exciting than it actually is and that in general I would just be doing better. You know when you go off to the college part of the excitement is spreading your wings and being on your own. Well I am missing out on that which is kind of a bummer but at the same time I am not completely disappointed with where I am at in life currently. All of my friends are out and living on their own and working their jobs which was making me feel like that I am falling behind and doing things wrong. But in all actuality I am not doing anything wrong. Well in my eyes at least. Truth is all of my friends have kids and that is why they are out on their own and working. They are doing things backwards and for some reason that made me feel like  i was the one doing things wrong. I feel that life should go like this-

1.) Graduate high school. I feel like this is all you have to focus on when you are  young and that it should not be as difficult as some people make it out to be.

2.) Go to college. For some people this is not an option and they will not have anything to do with even the idea of going to college. In my opinion they are just setting themselves up for failure. Going to college is exciting. Weather you are going to a University, a community college, business school and even a technical school; it all counts.

3.) Experience life. Travel if that is what you want to do. Just do things that you want to do that you would not be able to do once you have a family and are settled down.

4.) focus on career. Focus on working and saving money so paying bills and having a family when the time is right will be a little easier.

5.) Get married. Finding the “one” takes time.

6.) Have kids. Build your family as small or big as you want it to be.

People reading this may feel like that is out of order in someway or get offended because they got married sooner or had kids first, but this is just how i think that life should go. I think that my life will go just like this. I graduated high school and now i am in college. Yes i am still living at home but i think that living at home makes things a little easier. Not all are lucky enough to have a mom like mine that will let you stay at home until your hearts content. I plan on finishing school and starting my career all while still living at home. Getting money saved up and doing what i want to do. That is my plan and i am proud of it.

I have a certain family member that insists on lecturing me every time i talk to him. He really makes me feel like a failure. So i stopped talking to him for the most part. When he was my age he was a thief, a delinquent punk and did not have a single plan for his future. So as far as i am concerned–I am way better off. 

I have never blogged before and i hope that people actually read this and give feedback. I love positive feedback but i am also 100% okay with negative feed back.